8 Low-Cost Business Ideas for New College Graduates

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1. Social media consultant

If you have a marketing or communications degree, you can put them to good use by considering this option. Starting a social media consulting firm can be the one for you as you have knowledge in this area. Usually, small businesses perform their social media marketing by themselves, but with all other responsibilities on their shoulders, the owners might not be able to produce good social media strategies for them.

2. Make Handmade crafts

Are you artistic or have any hidden creative talents? Well, you can put them to good use. If you have the capacity to produce small items quickly, with the artistic skills of knitting, making other items or jewelry, you can start up a small online business where you sell your creations to people. Online startups are of low cost, so there’s no need to worry about large overheads.

3. Start Graphic designing

If you are a computer freak and can do all the editing, designing, creation, and coding, you should consider graphic design. Doing things on Adobe, or photoshop can take you a long way, and you can also freelance your business. Many new companies are looking for an affordable approach to professional branding, and by providing logos, signs, and banners, you can launch a freelance designing business that caters these services to other entrepreneurs.

4. Fitness instruction

Are you a fitness person? Always in the gym after class or whenever you’re free? This is a good way of using your talent, and you can become a fitness instructor or a personal trainer. All you need to do is put in a bit of your time and money to get certified. There are many organizations out there that allow you to complete the program at your speed. Once you have the certificate, you can work at a gym, open a local gym or work one-on-one with your clients.

5. Entertainment at Events

Do you have a passion for music and sound mixing software? Have you spent time fiddling around with DJ equipment? Well, you can start being an entertainer at events. With music and your laptop, you can create a fun environment for people to get on the dance floor and go crazy. Working at birthday parties, weddings, clubs, or other parties, you can make good money out of it. Once you are famous, then people will start referring you to others, and you can start a career being a DJ.

6. Repair Electronics

If you are good at repairing phones, tablets or any other electronics, then you may have an opportunity for repairing electronics. People use a lot of electronics these days, and there are huge chances that they break after the warranty is over and need repair. If you are a person who is good at repairing these, then you can start work doing this. Plus, if you repair these electronics at a cheaper price than others, this will attract more customers, and then you can open up a repair shop later on.

7. Content writing

Are you good at writing or creating eye-catching content? Can your writing catch reader’s attention? Over the internet, the media has a 24/7 cycle of news circulation, and creative people write down content using their skills for media outlets and businesses.

8. Start a Clothing brand

Have you dreamt of working in the fashion world, but couldn’t find the perfect job for yourself in it? If you are a good designer for clothes and can create attractive designs, then you should start your own brand or clothing company. The best way to grow towards success is an eye-catching design with quality production.


There are many ways that graduate students from college can start businesses or part-time jobs. You just need to know which direction to go in. Utilizing your hobby is the best way to succeed, as it is what you want to do and it will make you happy. With low costs, you can enter the world and make your stand using these ideas.



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